Innovators in the iPad Era

Just how much longer can we keep calling these types of consumers “Innovators” in an era where innovation is practically a given? Take a look around right this instant, do you see anything that hasn’t in at least a way tried to reinvent itself (buildings, technology, fashion, books, stores, etc.)? Even if you aren’t the citizen of a cosmopolitan hot spot, people around the world are influenced, at least partially, of what goes on every minute around the world.

Call it trending, hot spotting, fads, or just plain caprices, organizations such as keep you posted and encourage you to keep building on this movement. Should I call it a movement? Or is it a statement? Rather than sounding activist, capitalistically speaking, innovation is just the step that everyone pictured only in their wildest dreams or Hollywood Blockbusters.

Here comes the big word though… BUT! Does it have a limit? “The Sky is the Limit”… when do we bump our noses with this sky? Like in the Olympic Games. There’s always a time record to break, they always manage to break it; even if it takes 20 years before anyone can break it, the record reaches its deadline. Just how much more can you reduce the time span between the start and the finish line of a 100 m flat race? I don’t know if our generation will live to see it, nevertheless, what will happen next? Long live the iPad Era! (it scares people to think otherwise).

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