Taking Action After

As human beings, we learn from our mistakes, and then, with a little bit of hope, we try not to fall into the same pattern. You never plan on learning about life and its daily events, it just happens. But how is it that we almost never take preemptive action to that? Learn from someone else’s mistakes perhaps, or just plain thinking logically of what consequences might be. Even if we do take this precautionary measures, we come out to be paranoid or exaggerated in front of others.

Insecurity in Mexico is a serious example of that. Unfortunately, though I like my country and hardly think of it as the 3rd world, these kind of issues are the very ones that put us in the map with a very bad PR image. Not that they are lies, but they certainly project a hard-to-erase image. As a nation, we’ve suffered of insecurity for years, that is no news. The news here is that people are now absolutely outraged because two students from my Alma Matter were victims of this tragic situation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m outraged as well, and is not something to be taken lightly; but why all this time, all these years and now is it that powerful and public figures find the wrong words to say in a situation where they are just starting to put their minds around?

Finding a solution, including to yours truly, is a massively hard task, but let’s just stop taking action after people are hurt, killed or lost in the process, shall we?

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  1. It is a politically wrong expression of regret, I agree. Then again, ask your parents, or your grandparents, if they’ve ever lived in a Mexico with no crisis? When has Mexico ever gone out of it? Throughout your childhood and adolescence, you’ve surely heard it all around. Perhaps your children will, as well. True, it’s had it’s not-so-bad times, but if we throw garbage into the political system, what else can we expect?

    I may sound pessimistic in the following 2 statements, but I believe facts to be truer than hope:

    1) The average person will never be proactive unless paid or forced to be so. We cannot expect Mexico or any other country to take preventive actions. Again, this is at individual level. And,
    2) Whether we like it or not, this country has been run by the same type of people as its predecessors. 200 years since independence and it still seems attached to the same all-mighty Emperor of all times. Money drives this world. Money may buy you a nice TV, but it provokes crime, scarcity, corruption, pollution and hunger in the process.

    A solution exists, of course; but it would never be addressed unless we tap into the root cause. Also, look around; two people were killed in Mexico, how many times have we heard this system to work? And, most importantly, why do we keep working in and for it?

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