Do What You Studied For?

College: four years (give or take depending on your major) of studying something you supposedly love. They say, do what you love, but in the end, do we really? At least in Mexico, about 30% of college graduates work or do something related to what they majored in. What about the other 70%? Winding up in your parents’ company, or simply ending up in a job where it pays well, but is not actually what you dreamed of, that’s mostly the answer to that large majority.

The real deal? Colleges are growing rapidly, offering some pretty intense majors, new ones are being born, and still in the growing process of having more academic and higher education diversity, jobs and companies are not keeping up with that. So, even if you study what you always wanted and you are practically in love with that, how do you know it will literally pay off?

Perhaps that is why entrepreneurs are highly encouraged. For people to create new visions where diversity and profitability can go hand in hand. How long will it finally take for academics and working opportunities to be even? In the meantime, brain drain is inevitable.

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