Fear in the Masses

How many times do you recall panic spreading throughout the globe for anything from diseases to natural phenomena to economic meltdowns? Make no mistake, I myself have also fallen into these fads more than once. Why is it so easy to scare people when supposedly we live in an era of information?

We all like to be reassured of what we know even if what we “know” is written on stone. We are easily convinced of chaos but not of order. The wildest theories come into mind, always fearing the worst. I’m not saying that the worst is not a possibility, but it’s also most of the time, the less likely one.

Fear is a natural defense system, but it also takes place when our minds run fast without settling down and analyzing things. Especially if when the information we are given is not complete, taken out of context or inaccurate.

Many times have we been threatened with world extinction in the past, based on prophecies or esoteric thinking. Global warming is a scientific fact yes, but is 2012 a scientific fact as well, or just megalomania? I’ll leave that for each individual’s criteria. Just remember to breathe before hitting the panic button.

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