Travel the World and the Seven Seas

Is there such a thing as travel fever? Since I can remember, it has always been my dream to, as Annie Lennox says in her song, “travel the world and the seven seas”. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to have been in different spots on this planet. Here are some of the little things that I have encountered along the way, in some of the place I’ve been:

New York: If you haven’t been there, be there sometime soon. After all, the Big Apple has no mold. There isn’t any place I’ve been that resembles everything this city has to offer. From a Bohemian writer to a Business Man/Woman power suit, New Yorkers have a resilience and spark no one else has.

Shanghai: Do you speak anything other than Chinese? You’ll be the center of attention anywhere you walk in this city. Even though Chinese boom is here and it is a reality, people are still getting used to the cultural explosion coming their way. People will turn to look at you, and when it comes time to communicate, trying to sign your way to ask for a glass of water will be one of the most fun and challenging activities you’ve had.

Rome: Feel the clash of centuries of history walk with you along every narrow street. One of the friendliest cities I’ve been in, they give their age old attractions a fresh charming spark. Talk about bringing the old into fashion.

These were just examples of what may happen to you or if it already has happened. Just remember to take in all the different things each place has to offer and enjoy them, you never know when you’ll be back in that place.

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