Aliena nobis, nostra plus aliis placent

Have you ever heard this phrase? I keep it very much in mind because it is true. It means that other people’s things are more appealing to us than our own and so are ours to others. Typical situation: you go to a ┬árestaurant and order the most appealing dish on the menu to you. Five minutes later, the waiter brings a juicier dish to the person sitting at the next table.

We push and run for our dreams, and when we get there, we want more. It’s natural, it’s human nature. Though many would correctly define this phrase as envy, I personally see it as fuel. Fuel to always be reaching for what you want and never stop. Not because of lack of satisfaction, but because you can always go further. My best interpretation of this would be to look back on what you have lived and achieved, smile and keep reaching.

Perhaps you may eat the juiciest dish today, but tomorrow you’ll try the next one. You enrich your vision, your experience, your life. What would be of life if all things were stagnant?

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