Stop & Enough

They say there’s no worse struggle than the one you don’t do. Try your best and you will get what you want. That is definitely true in many aspects of the world. However, there are times where is best to stop, regroup and start over. You may be trying really hard to achieve something, but may be despite all of your hard work, you are just not getting where or what you want. So, what to do?

May be the approach you are using is the wrong one. May be the goal you are so fixated on can be reached through a different way and not precisely with the elements you are using. Frustration may grab your mind and not let go, and then you think that this saying is nothing but a lie.

It’s not. Like they say, reality is only the one you see. What if we can bend reality? You know, the whole positive thinking idea, is not just to make you feel better. You can always achieve what you want, but you can’t bake a cake with the wrong ingredients. There’s a point where in trying you need to stop & enough to start over and do it better. Succeed.

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