Trending Situations

Have you ever noticed how things happen in clusters? For example, if a friend of yours gets married, all of a sudden you find yourself going to all these weddings shortly after. Did you notice today’s headlines? “Slipknot Base Player Dies”. Just days ago another famous rock star was found dead as well.

Even movies happen in clusters. Epic movies, there was a time when Troy, Alexander, and others of the type came out one after the other. If we go further back, we can find “Armaggedon” and “Deep Impact” were released almost together.

Be it worldwide, or your surroundings, events and situations tend to come together in clusters. It’s this strange phenomenon where as human beings, we do not get infected of health related diseases, but of feelings, and actions as well. If someone laughs, everyone around that person does as well. If someone cries, gets mad, gets scared…

Our bonds as human beings aren’t just because we happen to live on the same planet. It’s not only because we share spaces. There’s always an energy (be it negative or positive) shooting from one person to the next. Among us. Between us. It’s the closest explanation to chemistry in a romantic relationship. To understanding in friendship. Have you ever finished someone else’s sentences? Or┬ávice-versa?

As they say, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It just takes for you to stop and feel it all around you. Wait a bit, and see the cluster come to you.

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