“Up in the Air”

Yes. You are right. It’s the title of a very famous Hollywood movie. Nominated to several Academy Awards just this year. George Clooney did a splendid job, if you ask me. Some other people may take on a debate about that. He goes about so flawlessly with his carry on bag, crisp shirt, neat tie, black suit through countless airports. He knows exactly what to pack, what lines to be in, how much time will it take to go through the whole process before arriving to his destination and calmly firing people who tend not to get so happy when they get the old cutter.

Just today I find myself packing my black jumbo bag yet again. Another “exchange” program, another trip, another airline across another continent to dip myself into a new culture. Even though I’ve never been long enough in that new destination to actually know exactly what to do and how to act, I know perfectly well how and what to pack. I know how much time it will take for me to go through check in, the security, changing airplanes, claim my luggage and finally get there.

Still my stomach giggles at the thought of traveling again. It reassures me that my fascination is to travel. Some people are terrified of airplanes. I love them, especially on the lift off part. Makes me think that I’m leaving, going towards something new. Another adventure, another country, new people. It just brings a big smile across my face.

Me and my traveling soul. Each trip has given something irreplaceable and wouldn’t have it any other way. Like when someone covers your eyes to surprise you. You find something¬†exhilarating on the other side of that hand covering your eyes.

So yes, I know exactly what to pack, how to pack it, how long it will take from start to end. And yet I’m like a kid in Disneyland for my destination. What will I find this time?

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