Aftermath: Jetlag and Other Demons

With 22 years living on this planet and being lucky enough to have seen 18 countries until this day (hopefully the number rises with the years to come) every trip has its particular taste; more importantly, it has its own particular aftermath, be it good or bad.

Just got back from a 6 week trip to Argentina. My plane landed at 830am at my home town and oh God did I sleep the whole day after that. Am I getting that old? I’ll tell you what… it doesn’t matter… I’d do it all over again even with the extreme post-exhaustion.

To have tasted Alfajores, Beef like no place else, pasta, wine, (gaining 2kg in the process) walking the streets of Buenos Aires, knowing its people, living soccer fever like never before, dancing, screaming, living! Don’t cry for me Argentina!! The truth is I never left you!! Oh but it was a glimpse, one I will never let go. Although it seems I still need to oversleep for at least 3 more days (doesn’t sound that bad, eh?)

Where will the winds take me next?

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