From Student to Life

Was there an exact point in time where you noticed you were going from just a student to when the world started to appear everywhere around you? All of a sudden your obligation are much more than handing in papers, keeping your nose clean, and going out as much as you can.

You turn around for a split second and people who were students just like you, find themselves working, too tired to go out, looking forward to different things they did only a short period of time ago. You find yourself in the same situation, even planning things in advanced because now is the beginning of your grown up life. Now all the shots get called by you. You decide where you want to live, what job to have, if you want a master’s and where.

You find yourself having new obligations and visions about the future; wants for yourself. The egg shell around you is no more; it broke long ago. So what now? That’s the scariest yet the most thrilling part: you’ll figure it out.

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