Photos= Immortality

I would disagree somewhat to the overused phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s so much more than that. To me, a picture is the immortality of the moments you spend on this planet and the people you spend them with. In a vast majority, pictures are taken in celebrations or moments that change the course of history. For the time being, I’m referring to the pictures you take everyday, on special occasion with your people.

Who invented the digital camera? Let me go hug that person. Not that film rolls were bad at all, but digital cameras have given us a whole new meaning to colloquial photography. It gives you the opportunity to take a ridiculous number of pictures of anything from a tiny event to the world series if you will. It gives you the power to take the moments you love the most and keep them safe with you. How long will they stay there in your computer/device? Will you print them? And if so, how long after you have left this planet will they remain? They will carry your name and anecdotes, your message and your very being to the planet for ages to come.

People and future generations will know what you meant, what you left for them in this planet. What is your message to them? What do you want to immortalize?

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