Interconnectivity: At-one-ment

In “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown ( there’s this brief yet very interesting remark about the word “Atonement”. The author splits the word and makes a lot of sense of it: “At-one-ment”. Everything comes to be one. In this day and age, what isn’t interconnected? Social networks have closed this gap to unimaginable proportions. Ever heard of the 6 degrees of separation theory? (,,sid9_gci932596,00.html#) In my own personal opinion, if this was true back in the day when they came up with the theory, today that gap can be even tighter.

It’s amazing how I personally meet people every day, whom I had never seen before and how we have so many people in common, so many opinions, places, commonalities at large. Is this due to technology? Is it something far greater? We may be over 6 billion people on this planet, but we have so much more binding us together than we could possibly think or know of. Who knows who might actually be connected to? You may have PR you didn’t know of, who knows? One day you might find out… in a not so far a future.

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