Citizen of the World

You’ve probably seen this video circle the net a few times already, if not check it out “Where the hell is Matt?” is an entertaining, put-a-smile-in-your-face, single handed movement that reminds us that there are no distances too great, no missions too difficult on this planet.

I swear, as you dive into the video itself, you start getting goose pumps. You see the different scenarios, the people around him, their reactions, the conditions he dances in. Matt doesn’t actually speak in the video, he just stands there are dances the same dance around the world. He’s still himself no matter where he is. He crosses the globe not losing his identity, his essence. Countries don’t make people, people make countries. So really, globalization may be referred to in a business or technological world. But globalization also means that you and me, we’re citizens of the world first. We’re human beings. We are still ourselves in any point on the planet. Welcome to Earth my friends, be proud of it.

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