Morning Coffee… or 24/7?

Many people I know, in fact, most of the people I’ve ever come into contact with drink some type of coffee. OK, I’ll cut some slack here; it’s also true that there are many others that barely touch a cup of java in days or weeks. But let’s stick to the coffee drinkers for now.

Hello, I’m this blogger you’re reading and I’m a coffee addict. (Insert community chanting all at the same time “Hi, this blogger we’re reading!). Yes, guilty as charged. Every morning I need to have my cup of coffee, regardless if I go to work, school or just stay at home. At campus, all the people that know me, know that a 7-eleven or Grande Starbucks cup will be in my right hand if I have class before noon. When I’m at work, I visit the coffee room many a times before noon as I can. It’s funny though, if and when people don’t see me with this accessory, they start asking, “are you feeling all right?” It’s a habit I’ve even passed on to some of my classmates. Hail for the morning waker!

I honestly can’t tell how bad this habit is compared to other individuals, but oh how I love it! How bad is your own habit? Anyway, not all seems to be bad about the substance. It’s a diuretic and a natural antioxidant; moves your digestive system around as well. Next time you go in and grab a cup of java, think of it and enjoy!

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