Road Tripping

Traveling in any manner is for the most part always very interesting and you never know what surprises – be it good or bad – are going to come your way. On other posts of yours truly you may have seen remarks about other parts of the world that are entirely different from my own culture. However, most recently I had the opportunity to road trip to a near by small town (Tapalpa) only about 2 and a half hours away from where I live.

I’d forgotten all the little things and details about a road trip and how sometimes, the time you spend in the car trying to get to the place is all the same important as the destination itself. Even though these days your iPod can’t fail on the front hooked up to the car radio, there wasn’t much more technology around — all right, our cell phones LoL-. So, pretty much, no GPS available. We got lost along the way, and we stopped every now and then to ask if we were going on the right direction.

The people who were at the side of the road appeared to have their whole lives settled exactly next to all the people who commute either for pleasure or other reasons between places. They seem to have seen so many different things in their time on those roads right in front of them. I could hear them say under their breath “city tourists, who knows what they’ll do” and laughed with each other. Instead of taking it the wrong way, I couldn’t help but to laugh with them about us.

So singing songs, the old classics, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “You’re my Wonder Wall” and so on, we finally made it thanks to people’s help. We got out of the car, stretched our legs and went in a medium cabin for the weekend. As we went on the other side of the cabin, we saw it: why road trips are worth our while.

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