Instant Answers from the Top

As as I was exploring the usual suspects… (NY Times, Facebook, Brand, etc.) I started reading about one of the latest Brand scandals, Gap’s new logo. I’m sure you’ve heard about it, if not here’s a little piece about it –>

To make a quick summary about it, Gap renewed its image after 20 years with the same logo. Of course, as anyone wanting to be in the “now” they decided it was time for a change. Now here’s where instant response was not favorable at all for them, or was it? The Helvetica-like new logo left thousands of brand users across the globe with a dry mouth. They expected something a lot juicier; and to be honest, so did I.

In less than a day after Gap’s new logo release, people commenting about it (mainly on Facebook) went crazy. Now here’s the punchline… and just when and where Gap had the chance to respond just as quickly. The press release justifying their choice was immediately published also through Facebook, and even better, inviting fans to hand in their own projects to be revised. Talk about a come back!

This case is just one very impacting situation that comes about as result of instant information. Like certain critics have said lately, “Information finds you”. Another example (quick one I promise) happened to a friend of mine. The Coke vending machine was empty, and the guy had just arrived to fill it up again. My friend was standing there next to him and asked for a Coke. The guy would not sell it to him because “I am just putting them in, you can buy one when I’m done” he said.

My friend quickly tweeted the situation to Coke’s Twitter. Coke immediately (5 min span) answered back giving him a code which he could exchange for free product. Now THAT is instant communication. Nicely done Prosumers!

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