Celebrities Born in YouTube

For ages, if you wished to be a celebrity you had to prove your talent through an endless number of castings, having a friend or two in high places and hoping just for a lucky strike. Today, one of the new ways to hit the star boulevard is YouTube. Yes, perhaps you may also be noticed on reality shows, like Susan Boyle’s case on “Britain’s Got Talent”, but for the sake of technological and a bit less scandalous readership, I’ll stick with YouTube for now.

Lilly Allen the singer, was discovered because of her homemade videos posted on the site. Imagine, a million dollar artist now had a background on a 3 minute presentation. Let’s just say it was her Rocket Pitch to the big record companies out there. I’m sure then that there are several positions in record companies just ready to check out daily postings on YouTube and discover the next great voice or actor.

There’s even a whole platform connecting these “YouTube Celebrities” (as they call it) to Facebook. The “AppRats” describe in this video http://video.allthingsd.com/video/apprats-hopes-to-get-huge-on-youtube/4FB9C8A1-6FC1-4E84-B186-961E8A2D2856/ how they developed the whole project in order to be more easily discovered and broadcasted to the world.

You feel like showing your vocal gifts to the world? Start recording!

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