Uh oh… Logo Alert!

A few months ago, Gap decided it was a great idea to change its logo. And so they did, and then the aftermath came. Thousands of fans around the globe criticized the logo until it was well under mud and dirt. Gap had to quickly respond to fans’ reactions moving back to the old, classic logo.

Starbucks just announced a change in its own logo. Going from the Siren encircled by “Starbucks Coffee” in green and white patterns, the Coffee Giant is losing the encircling letters only to leave the Siren. Will this be a smart move? May be it will be just a matter of people getting used to the idea. Still, unlike the Gap and the proposed simple Helvetica letter cases, Starbucks still would maintain the originality  of the character that accompanies our cup every morning.

It also comes back to the ever changing Facebook profiles. A few months go by until there’s a new distribution to Facebook, fans and users go up in a roar, and then a few weeks passed, everyone’s happy again. After all, changes are always hard to digest, but will this compromise Brand Equity for Starbucks? It seems it already has. Today’s Starbucks stock price went down 0.40% Let’s just see how they manage to get back up.

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