Hey World! I’m Here!

Recently I got a video on my inbox about New Year’s resolutions. I thought at first it was about losing weight, eating healthier, working out more, you know, the usuals. But then I hit play and it was something entirely different.

You know all the campaigns of anything is possible while you mean it. Well of course, that’s just stating the obvious. But HOW? That question is almost never answered. But this video taught me a little about the How. If you don’t make yourself visible to others, no one is going to guess you are even breathing the same air on the same planet as they are.

Shyness becomes your enemy. Passiveness it’s just watching your life go by. It’s even funny if you think about it, but when you are walking down the street, for example, you don’t really notice people. You know there is a mass walking by, but you don’t notice the individuals. You only do if they are doing something out of the ordinary, or dress in a more eccentric way etc. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying you should become the next weird thing, Just think outside the box.

Now, here’s the How instead of the What. Go the extra mile. If people are delivering upon a deadline, make it earlier. If people jog 15 minutes every morning, do 100 sit ups extra. If people eat burgers, eat a salad instead. Just do details differently and you’ll notice in no time how you are finally saying Hey World! I’m Here!


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