While the Cat’s Away…

For the second time Apple’s famous and efficient Steve Jobs has asked for a medical leave. Unfortunately, as for the same health issues as he suffered last time, Mr. Jobs has had the imminent need to step aside to catch his breath before showing the world his next mind blowing rocket pitch.

Whilst some speculate on how this situation may be caused by a biological rejection of his liver transplant or a come back from his cancer, the point is, Mr. Jobs is taking a much needed break. http://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-steve-jobs-medical-20110118,0,2783549.story <– Read More about it.

Now, this may sound harsh, but in the business world, Microsoft’s alliance with HP may not have occurred in a more appropriate time. Whilst this alliance was definitely done (among other reasons) to build a stronger wall against the competition — cough, cough– the tipping point might just have come with a medical leave on the other side. (Read more on the alliance at http://newenterprise.allthingsd.com/20110118/microsoft-and-hp-show-off-the-fruits-of-their-partnership/?mod=ATD_rss )

So, will the mice come out and play? Let’s see how both parties plan out the exit — or entry– strategy on the time being.

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