Age is not an Enemy of the Internet

When the word “Internet” is pronounced, immediately the image of a college student or a teenager comes to mind with some sort of gadget within that person’s hands. But that’s just the stereotype. A much wider variety of people are internet users. Executives, entrepreneurs, young and old, it doesn’t matter.

Internet is becoming friendlier and more holistic every second that goes by. In Germany, a recent study was released in whcih 83% of the 40-65 year-old population thinks that being involved in Social Media is the only way to stay in contact with friends, business partners, and general know-how in the world.

In fact, there are concepts such as that are online clubs that accept only 40+ members to link all of their social media together. Just by reading this post and by being 40+ you fit this description. Remember, you are also a part of the Internet Community, explore it!

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