Reach Out & App Me

In this my 100th post, I want to talk about something special and amazingly impacting, so here goes. Technology since the beginning of the Homo Habilis has come a long way from a simple rock used to smash things and get fed. The point in technology, however rudimentary it may seem, is to get things done faster, quicker and easier. Thanks to these qualities, productivity and high life quality have progressively grown. Lately, exponential seems to be the only right adjective to the evolution provoked by instantaneous improvements.

So what’s the IT thing? (notice the Information Technology acronym) Well easy, apps. You may have heard of the song “There’s an App for that”. The very motif of an application is — yes you guessed it– make things faster, quicker, easier and NOW… within your reach.

Take Foursquare for example. You check in and let your friends know that you are recommending and enjoying the  place you are visiting. You no longer  have to go and try out food, guessing whether it is good, bad, tasty, expensive or whatever other surprise you might find.

This trend of Mobile Applications is only applicable in Smartphones. Then again right now, internet users connect more through their mobiles than through a regular Desktop or Laptop. (Read more on this trend Mobility is the new computer, your new best friend.

The US and the UK may be the leaders, but this trend is going all over the place. Here’s an example of a fan page dedicated to Mobility and Technology –>

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