Music Downloads No More

On the eve of the Internet boom there were dozens of ways to get music. The very first artist impaler “Napster” went crazy in number of users just to get their favorite music for absolutely no cost. Of course I’m talking about a Dial-Up connection era in which downloading a single song could have taken you half an hour or may be even a full one.

As the legal courts of the world fought for artistic copyrights against Sean Parker, others just like him had a window of opportunity… the legal system was just too busy looking at the Big Bad Wolf when all these little pups came out for a sip of the good stuff.

Now, sites like The Pirate Bay, Kazaa (oh if you will), LimeWire and so many others have seen doom come down on them. Legal downloads and a cultural turn of heart were on the rise during the later half of the twenty first century’s first decade.

But wait, don’t we still get music for free? Yes. How? Well, the king of video sharing all over: YouTube. True, this server or host if you will, is fully developed on the Internet, but now mobiles have direct and fast connections to the Web 2.0 world. Read more –> (

So if you want to have music in your iPhone, Blackberry or whatever other Smartphone you may have while you go out on your morning run, all you really need is to log in to YouTube, and plug in those earphones. Jeff Jarvis was right after all, the “Free Model” is the most generous model for capitalism there is.

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  1. let’s not forget about the hosting servers, like megaupload. The truth is, as much as they say that they dont support piracy its a fundamental part of their bussines model, ill go as further as saying that 50% of their hosting space is for piracy.

    About youtube, yeah… its kind of fuzzy because all you gotta do is, upload the song and then in the comments make a statement like this: “This is not my song i do not own it in any form and i will not profit from it.” and ta-da it is not unlegal anymore *bullshit*

    like i’ve said tons of times.. if its on the internet it belongs to the internet. live with it sony record.

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