Plastic Payment… Why Bother?

It’s interesting how several films have portrayed scenes in which a Shopaholic De-tox ritual is being done to frantic women carrying at least half a dozen credit cards in their freshly purchased Gucci handbag. The classic best friend or new best friend pulling each little plastic rectangle out and slicing it right through the middle with unnecessarily over sized scissors.

How will they replace those scenes when the new “credit card” is actually a binary code flashed on your Smartphone’s screen? They can’t quite slice that open… or at least the Shopaholic wouldn’t be as accepting as she would be with plain plastic.

Yes, indeed this is the new payment method. Everything is becoming smaller and more packed into a little device that connects you to everything and everyone anywhere in the world.

But what if your cell phone gets lost? Will your entire identity get lost as well? That is one of the strongest most debatable fears that have been going around since it all became digital. Zillions of firewalls and other protective methods have come into place. However, just as someone built them, someone can destroy them. The only real hope we have is that we take care of our things and no one gets too greedy in the process.

As long as that hope remains and stays true, then having the world in the palm of your hand couldn’t have gotten more real.

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