Product Placement Reinvented

Ok, so you are at the movies enjoying your favorite chick flick or action movie and oh here comes the newest Ferrari model or the latest tablet on scene. Both products being rocked out as the protagonists use them to achieve whatever mission impossible they had in mind. And let’s  not forget it the out-of-the-line close up to the product’s logo– just in case you were wondering who came up with that amazing idea of a product.

Lately though, people started to notice product placement much more than ever before. May be because Hollywood started overusing it? Take Transformers 2 for example, Bumblebee alone isn’t even the beginning of all the brands included in the flick. This movie is the Queen as to how many marketed goods were included.

Then, how do you reinvent a method that has clearly been successful for any brand that could afford it? Well, David Parker has thought outside the box and came up with a reinvention scheme for this old-time method. Viral Videos. The greatest thing about Viral Videos is that you watch them because you want to belong.

If a group of friends or at least one of the members in your social group has recommended you a particular YouTube or Vimeo video (just to name some Video Platforms) there’s an itch inside you that is telling you you must watch it. And even better, it’s free.

So why not take advantage of this over-liked trend? This is Product Placement Reinvented — >

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