AIE: After Internet Era

The very purpose of technology is to make tasks easier and thus increasing productivity, enhance lifestyles and the quality of life in general. Technology has evolved so rapidly that we can no longer survive without it. Truth of the matter is right now in 2011, life expectancy has reached 90+ in some countries, whilst in the Stone Age it barely reached the mid 20’s.

So, have you ever imagined if someone were to pull the plug on everything around us? What would happen? A very real and current example is Egypt. Just today 90% of all Internet access has been blocked. Leaving the whole country out of instant reach with the rest of us. According to this article –> Internet has literally died in Egypt as of today.

Some seven years ago, S.M. Stirling wrote “Dies the Fire” in which he narrates a parallel world in which humanity is left with no Technology whatsoever. Chaos is of course the main feeling throughout the text. The thing is that change is such a difficult process for human nature, it’s even more impossible to assimilate if it’s a sudden & total change over the whole world.

What pushes changes like these? Conflict. As long as we are unified and we build strong structures, there’s no need for fear, there’s need for evolutionary mindsets alone.

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  1. I read his book, a little apocalyptic-like and very heavy hearted to read, but very interesting possibilities are described in his work. Plus, since it was a little while ago, I had to do a little research to refresh my memory 🙂

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