ORM… & it’s not a Yoga Sound

It sounds like the meditating sound they make you repeat over and over during a Yoga or Meditating Session. But despite the phonetic resemblance, it’s actually Online Reputation Management. “To what extents have we come?” You may wonder. Well, since the beginning of showbiz (and I don’t necessarily mean just Hollywood) people tend not to be perfect (stating the obvious right?). In order to try to clean up the mess, there’s always someone expert in fixing it all up.

Now, ever since pretty much everyone has access to the Web 2.0, we’re all exposed to whatever opinion other might have about us. Of course, this has always happened, but now it just happens faster: instantly rather. Thus we’ve all got to think through our words and actions, because just like of my friends says “once it’s in the internet, it belong to the internet”.

We can’t erase past actions, but we can make up for them. That is ORM is now an entire area of expertise. It’s a way to manage the crowd sourced critique — be it good or bad — on anyone who’s on the spotlight. Read more –> (post in Spanish) http://www.puromarketing.com/42/8876/grandes-grandes-desafios-para-gestion-reputacion-online.html

It basically just says that the quicker news travels around, the more challenging it becomes to handle matters. It’s just a matter of time before something gets figured out… right?

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