Virtual Start Ups

Lately Entrepreneurship seems to be a synonym for technological start ups all over the place. I’ve seen it even as a recent graduate at the Campus’ start up incubator. Digital services, webpages, recent networks, apps, software, you name it. It has all gone virtual.

Sure you may see the local boutique start up, but then again you’ll see it opening up fan pages on Facebook or Twitter users. Even the US government has come up with a special program in tune with Facebook, Intel and other companies of the sort to give entrepreneurs funds and the chance to start their own virtual related company. Read more –>

Technology at this point has not only become a tool, it has become and entirely new business model; even a new economic model. As I mentioned in an older post, virtual goods are being paid for with real money. When in the last decade would that have been possible without sites such as FarmVille on Facebook?

More and more we see ourselves migrate into a situation in which we are benefited by Smart Technology, impalpable things to get the physical ones: clothing, housing, transportation. We are at the brink of a new model.

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