Censorship vs Expression

During the first decade of the Twenty First Century, the capitalist world seems to be growing and reaching goals towards the same direction in every sense. This included economy, technology & education for the most part. Of course, each country at its own pace or capability.

However, it’s been a few months now that censorship in certain areas of the world have become a major issue. While some countries are climbing exponentially towards more holistic connections between people and matters, others are going back to the middle ages.

Take Rupert Murdoch’s new exclusive news paper for iPads. This new release is a way for instant expression, news, etc. (although we’ve seen this for a while with social networks and other gadgets, but still it’s a breakthrough). Read more –> http://digitaldaily.allthingsd.com/20110202/murdochs-daily-the-details/?mod=ATD_rss

Other countries however, are perhaps too attached to old way or too scared of the big changes. It’s human nature to be scared, but fear is only a tool to overcome obstacles. Getting stuck there, well, it just leaves you stuck.

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