Marketing’s Right Brain

I’ve mentioned  Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind” a couple of times before on my blog. It has a purpose. After all, so many things involving marketing are to be thought through the right brain. I couldn’t say completely, but then again the book’s title is in fact “A Whole New Mind”.

The point of me bringing it up once again in this entry is because I’ve been exploring so many websites on different topics. On I discovered a channel called “Creative Mornings”. In so many ways, the concept is very similar to that of TED talks. The main differential here is the fact that these mini conferences are held at the Channel’s headquarters in New York City every morning at 830am before people go to work. What’s the point on having them at this particular time of the day? It opens up people’s minds. Fresh ideas can be pitched to colleagues or interested people who attend.

Anything goes. Having this as row model, we can pick it up in our offices (generally speaking, whomever would like to start practicing it). Have an informal meeting, just like a talk. Someone can step up and talk about their ideas. One person every morning. Have their talk and then a round of questions. Once the idea has been spread and talked about, then we can focus on work with a fresh perspective. I thought of it as a great idea and it could include all kinds of members from the staff. Why not try it out?

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