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Recently I was talking to a friend about small start up companies. I clearly remember one of his remarks the most. He had a strong point by saying that when start ups get very successful very quickly, entrepreneurs get a little nervous. At that point, they start hiring more experienced executives to tell them what to do next. That would be their best hope to guide them through the gold rush before everything gets out of control. It made perfect sense at the time.

Now, it makes even more sense with Groupon’s new hire: Howard Schultz. Read more Although Mr. Schultz is CEO to Starbucks, a different industry as Groupon, marketing is his specialty and that’s what Groupon came short with at the Superbowl’s half time commercials. (Read about the ad

The ad was found offensive and confusing rather than compassionate and humorous as Groupon intended. This company is a little over two years old. As several other modern million-dollar (and sometimes billion-dollar) companies, Groupon started out to be a small idea employing less than 10 people back in November 2008 in the US. Today, its presence covers 30 countries around the world, bringing you an interesting coupon to your inbox every day at super low prices.

The strategy and business model is mind blowing. Imagine becoming a millionaire practically overnight thanks to a great idea in your mind. So rapidly, marketing strategies need to be perfectly aimed and constant. Thank heavens for Mr. Schultz in this scenario then.

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