Whatever Happened to Phones?

No, really, whatever happened to phones? When was the last time you used your home phone or even your office phone? Unless you really are a telemarketer or talk to your relatives via prepaid card on the phone, I’m willing to bet that was a really long time ago.

Everyone uses either Skype for much cheaper calls or their cell phones — which by the way aren’t used to make a lot of calls anymore–. Granted, there are still a couple of dozen calls to be made from the portable little devices, but as you may have figured out by now, you check your e-mail, social updates and somewhat still text. All those, even if singled out, out match voice calls by far.

Even preteens abuse their cellphones typing away text messages as if they were given candy for every one they send out. Gossip-Girlying it out by taking pictures and uploading them to Facebook or some other online community.

Alexander Graham-Bell may be didn’t even remotely imagine eventually his work would be nearly obsolete. It was though, a major stepping stone to something bigger, more global, and much more practical. So type away people, we’re getting good at typing on small keyboards (we even keep our nails tightly cut to get faster at it!).

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