SMS, MMS, or if you’d like to call it “texting” is bound to be dead in a very near future. There was a time, not even too long ago, –say 5 years tops?– when there was a texting fever all over. It’s just simply that people find it in them to be more outspoken by writing than by talking. Anyway, everyone has been typing small keys away to get their message out. There was a even a crisis in the US where teenage kids would soar their billing accounts with the unbelievable number of text messages they sent. Even Oprah had a a guest once upon a time, a teenager that that a ridiculous bill to pay (dad wasn’t that happy about it).

Seeing this window of massive opportunity, BlackBerry implemented BBM. It is a combination of Instant Messaging and Texting exclusive only to holders of a BlackBerry. Every device has a PIN code and a Bar code which can be recognized by another BlackBerry device and then you just start typing away. These messages are entirely free. The only thing you need is a solid limitless internet connection for it to remain that way. Nonetheless, the bill doesn’t even begin to compare to what a texting bill would look like.

There are other Apps like Whatsapp that can be downloaded to any smartphone out there and works just the same as BBM, only it bounds all brands together. So you see? Texting is slowly down, because even if all cell phone users aren’t smarphone users, the number is rising pretty quickly. Why pay an absurd amount when you have free at the tip of your fingers?

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