Battlefield: China

With volatile changes as to technology and internet in China, every major company needs to be on the watch of the Chinese Government’s every movement. As soon as they change something in their favor, tech companies will jump right in. Sure, long distance lobbyists exist, trying to convince local government officials about the benefits a new technology will bring them.

Of course there is also the case of the Chinese being able to look at the technology that wishes to enter their country, and then just come up with an excellent copy of it; thus blocking the original from entering. This has happened to several products and services (tangibles and intangibles). The best known example is Facebook’s Chinese clone Xiaonei

But just as the particular trademark in all things modern: scarcity and demand make a market much more valuable. So, being that the population in China is of 1,336,718,015 people to be exact, what global company wouldn’t just love to take a chunk out of the Guinness Record Pie?

In fact, right now the biggest battle being fought is between Android and iPhone for a total of nine hundred million cell phone users in that country. Yes, you read it right. Apparently, 87% of those users will replace their phone- be it that they already have a smartphone or not- with either one of these brands, with others falling a bit behind (although not entirely forgotten). Already in the US, Android is taking over iPhone’s Share of Market.


He who holds the biggest share of market, holds the keys of heaven, some would say. Game on!

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