The Power of Linkage

The old saying “together we’re stronger” doesn’t just apply to human alliances; after all that’s what SEO and SMO is all about. The simplest yet mostly unknown secret about both methods is plain just simple including links in whatever place you can. Of course, not falling into the spam trap, links should be interesting, not too much, and related to what you are talking about.

Remember good old pop-ups? I don’t know about you, but they used to drive me crazy. If I was about to click somewhere in the webpage I had just opened, there came the annoying interruption. Well, wrong andĀ irrelevantĀ links act pretty much in the same way as those old meaning less windows.

Anyway, once you’ve achieved filling the gaps in your webpage with important links, you go higher on the search results time after time. Then, as more and more people start discovering your web page, then they will link their own to yours by including links of your information in their own webpage. It would be like a double push up the digital ladder. Other advices on how to get easily done SEO on your own include link shortening with the format.

Now, why is all of this relevant? Especially in a non-monetized blog like mine? Because simply put, you put yourself out there in the world to be detected by better, grander ideas. And who knows? You just might be a part of it. It’s not just about smiling to people anymore, they need to see your smile first to like you.

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