Mixing it all In

As marketing campaigns have diversified over the point that not even Mad Men from the 1960’s would have imagined, the possibilities are endless. It’s how you mix the different communication strategies to build a successful campaign. Still, most people seem to be inclined to continue with traditional advertisement (rather the minority) while innovators insist on web tools being the only reachable and logical way to go. Then come the giants: mixing it all up.

Just like Corona’s latest campaign. First of all, probably the most iconic Mexican beer, has always navigated with it’s Ocean view relaxed person holding a chilled Corona with a lime on top of it. It’s how this particular beer traveled the world. Over the years they’ve tried to change that image, not because of being unsuccessful, quite the contrary: because it was too successful. Executives at Cervecería Modelo wanted a different association, that Corona could also be enjoyed at different occasions.


Now it seems they’ve achieved that with their wholesome Facebook/Times Square campaign. For 15 minutes of fame, all you have to do is Like the Corona Facebook fan page and appear on the big Screen on Times Square by Corona. Reports say that this campaign has brought over 6,000% increase on online users. After all, who wouldn’t want their face recognized in the biggest advertised spot in the world? Who ever said that traditional marketing can’t be friendly with innovative marketing?

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