Mail Chimp, Our Heroe

Direct Marketing has been accused of being spammy at times. Not that it’s a complete lie, but if used properly, e-mail marketing recipients will absolutely love a message of the kind, as if their minds were read. There are several considerations you have to take before sending out a mass email.

First of all, you need an e-mail list or database. These may come a bit expensive if you don’t know enough people whose e-mails addresses you can collect and slowly build your database. Which is precisely why buying a database is a little risky. It’s so much better if the recipients have already had contact with you, know you personally or at least have heard either your name or your company’s name. Otherwise, they will simply ignore the message and consider it spam.

Second, even if you have a considerably big e-mail list, you have to chose your audience. Not all people on the list may be interested on what you are proposing to them.

With that in mind, now you have to choose the proper tool to send out your message. Mail Chimp is practical, simple, efficient, and it can even be free if you choose the “Forever Free” account type. It has comprehensible tools that will guide you through the whole process of designing your campaign. The chimp cartoon will even make friendly jokes around the page to cheer you up as you work.

Remember to be brief, visual and most importantly, make sure you have a visible line of contact with the recipient. You want them to contact you back, right? Well make it easy for them! Finally, just sit back and read the reports, answer calls, receive emails from those recipients and voila! Mail Chimp is our heroe!

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