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With so many technologies coming out, brands have more and more channels every day where they can send out their message.

However, a solid place to market brands is none other than the film industry. Product Placement of this sort has soared since the times of ET back in 1982 where Reese’s buttercups made their big Hollywood appearance, as recalled on bnet

As years have gone by and movie budgets have increased to almost being a small country’s GDP, product placement has grown exponentially. In fact, many a times, there wouldn’t be enough revenue for motion pictures studios if there weren’t any branding campaigns done within their films.

There has been an incredible variety of featured products and services from airlines, drinks, clothing and what not. Just take the Transformers series as the perfect example of Product Placement flood. The three movies have shown not only smartphones and other gadgets, but the subject itself: cars. The Camaro alone has increased its international sales thanks to Bumblebee, featured in all three movies, as reported on here.

Once upon a time products would only have incidental appearances in the middle of a film. Today, they even become the center object of a film.

As long as it’s done discretely and stylishly, movie viewers turn into consumers just because we liked how the product looked on screen. Indeed product placement is a clear influencer on trends and styles around the world, why wouldn’t it be a great way to brand a product?

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