Facebook vs Google + Becomes the New Mac vs PC

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Remember the video clips featuring two actors representing Mac and PC? It was a great representation of what still goes on between both brands. Although the videos were made to promote Mac over PC, they still coexist. Even with Mac only having a 15% of the pie in the US, rest assured Mac computers aren’t going anywhere; if anything, they’re growing every day.

Same thing seems to be happening on the newborn battle between Facebook and Google +. With 750 million users Facebook has world domination up until this point. They should definitely take care of their own share, that’s for sure. Just last week CNBC reported Facebook Stock to be in Jeopardy.  It’s no wonder when despite Facebook’s attempt to “wow” their audience with their Skype add-in launch, Google+ is still growing and it still represents a direct threat.

Google+ isn’t going anywhere either, except further growth. To be honest, it’s comforting as a user to finally see some healthy competition as far as social networks go. With Twitter as King of micro-blogging and Facebook as King of overall social networks, there didn’t seem to be much hope for anyone else to bring more innovation to the table.

G+ has brought a much needed push in the industry where in order to be better, brands need to come up with improvements. For example, just this week Facebook launched Business exclusive profiles to counter Google +’s business approach. It is a subsite that will not interfere with personal profiles and make it easier for companies to stop impersonating an individual.

This shoulder to shoulder race is representative of what true competition needs: countering with new products and services, so that in the end the true benefitiary is the consumer. Hopefully both Facebook and Google + can stay in the game to continue this benefit. Which actors will be chosen to impersonate the social giants should there be a “Mac vs PC”-like video?

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