Google + as a Job Finder

Article first published as Google + as a Job Finder on Technorati.

Being able to interact with Opinion Leaders was never easier than it is today. Twitter started it all by allowing people to follow verified accounts of celebrities, politicians, religious personalities, and so many important people around the world. As you read your Twitter feed, you know that if you follow someone of that stature, he or she is the very person who typed that message (at least most of the time), especially if they reply to one of your tweets.

In a deeper way, the same thing happens on Google +. However, instead of micro-blogging your message you can actually have a conversation. So what are the perks more than just being able to talk directly to big names? If the conversation gets interesting enough, it will be more meaningful than linking your electronic résumé with a network of people. Potential employers or business partners can get to know you personally; know your level of knowledge and skills simply by interacting with you no matter where you are.

However, do keep in mind that not everyone can find their dream job through this channel. Not just because you still need to get invited to be part of Google +, but because certain industries just don’t get their main stream information or interaction from a social network as mentioned on MSNBC.

The article also mentions this magnificent approach of getting your voice heard as a great advantage over mutual acceptance through a social network. Both Twitter and Google + allow you to follow someone without them having to follow back. Even if it is a “one-sided conversation” you can still be seen, read and heard by that person.

Google + can really be used however you want: it can be a purely personal network, a professional one or both. Circles make it possible for you to use it for several things at the same time without them stepping on each other’s toes. So are you ready to find your dream job while you post your weekend-at-the-beach pics?

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