Apple Kicking it up a Notch

Article first published as Apple Kicking it up a Notch; Intel not so Happy on Technorati.

With continuous progress, Apple can only raise the bar constantly in order to proof significant advancements. The recent release of OS X Lion is the most recent palpable example. However, it’s not enough for Apple.

Recently Apple asked Intel to reduce its chips’ power usage or else Apple would look for a new supplier.This definitely pushes the envelope for Intel. Not only is there a race against time (as would be expected when meeting Apple’s requirements), but it’s also a race against other suppliers that might already be developing something to get in Apple’s good graces under these new circumstances.

In fact, Apple has an entire code of conduct which obliges suppliers to behave and deliver the highest quality always. If the technology doesn’t exist, Apple encourages its suppliers to develop new technologies in order to meet standards. There are two sections: one that makes sure the minimum is delivered and another one to make sure everyone is striving to be better.

This constant improvement is key to Apple’s worldwide success. Nevertheless, it is not always the case in which suppliers are glad to indulge or even comply with what the giant is demanding. For Intel’s sake, it would be a great idea to come up with a light power usage chip; otherwise someone else will come along and steal the deal away from them.

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