A Working Culture Apart

Working cultures around the world are very different from one another, but the most common one is to have a fixed weekly schedule, (normally 9am-5pm) with a lunch break. Sitting down in front of a computer, with no access to other sites other than the ones permitted by the company.

It’s been said a thousand times over that this not only inherently cripples employees’ creativity, but their very willingness to work as well. In a much more creative environment, not only do people feel comfortable in doing their job, but it is a cradle for new ideas.

When an employee receives other perks than just their pay check, worries go down and they focus on what’s important: goals being met. How great is it to not worry about going out to have lunch in near by fast food restaurants or cook something up to bring to work in a duffel bag?

How great it is that you can actually work out your worries in an integrated gym? All that food lying around in workplaces that feast their employees away every lunch time needs a separate part to bring all those calories down.

The old school of thought may think this not only expensive but unnecessary, but take a look at the tech industries, mostly based in Silicon Valley. It’s the fastest growing industry on record and most of them have these perks and so much more. Now, not only can this industry profit from these practices. When well adapted, it can be used in any line of work.

Can you imagine bankers playing ping pong as they talk of their latest merger? It’s no different than a good old tennis match or Golf game. Why not having in the office and save time?


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