Team Work: On and Off Site

Henry Ford’s individualist and task based model has been long left in the past. Today, team work is the way the modern business world goes round. Countless books have been written about working styles and interaction within a professional team in the workspace. But leaving text aside, how do you know when a team really works as such?

Many would answer by saying that if results are met, then absolutely, the team is functional. Others would prefer the good relationships coexisting within a group. Now, if both can be met, then jackpot! You’ve got a Golden Team.

But how do you personally know when your team is working? Well here go my two cents: I feel at my best when not only is my team working out nicely in the workspace, but off site as well.

That is why recreational activities outside the office, involving team members, are so important. If you can have a few laughs, share stories and generally be easy going as human beings first, then you can work much easier on site.

So far, so good. So yes, even though this may feel like a sequel to the previous article in this blog “A Working Culture Apart“, it was still important enough for me to mention. Wouldn’t you perform better knowing that on the other side of that computer or the person next to you is just as human as you are?

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