The Perks of a Tech Start Up

Every industry has a particular characteristic, one that predefines what your lifestyle will be like; Wall Street has coronaries, Hollywood has endless parties and Silicon Valley has its ping pong tables. How did I know which one to pick? As much as I’ve become a ping pong lover, it wasn’t the blue table that got me hooked.

It was a slow process to be honest. I’ve always had a way to understand technology, mostly because my generation was the first one to grow up surrounded by computers. Remember the dial up connection? It meant a portal to my once upon a time. But then I was just a regular kid surfing the net for her favorite cartoons. What was the extra umph?

It wasn’t really after my year abroad that I became geek-e-fied. I started downloading apps instead of programs, more tech savvy, more industry savvy, my blog became a priority and an amateur criticism of the industry. I got fans and people debating on my ideas, I became a technorati writer and behold! The ultimate happening: Silicon Valley.

But most of all, what it was really taught me more than just fiber optics and web strategy, it has been analytical skills. How the market moves, how to judge new products and make out a respectable forecast of what will happen. It’s my career.

Once submerged in the intangibles, you look around and find that this is indeed a profitable scene; one that allows for delights to have room in your life. Truth be told? A recommended lifestyle.

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