Remember Remember the 5th of November

Who would have thought a movie would have such influence in the mindset of millions of people? Truth be told, there have been a number of films that despite their fictional nature, have changed the course of history; Space Odisey 2001, and now it seems it still is the era of V for Vendetta.

In a futuristic, chaotic world, only the UK survives financial crisis and global conflict. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the promised land, but rather a struggling totalitarian state that only through fear can they hold steady. A particular masked activist decides that their system is no different from all the other fallen states, and so V is born.

That pretty much sums up the fictional plot, but what about the real world? Thousands if not millions of masks are sold around the world. But what’s even more shocking is that an actual group of people have taken in the philosophy and taken down tech systems to prove a point.

They promised that today Facebook would be next. Will this hold true? “Remember Remember the 5th of November”. What’s more, with all this technology around us, we can do anything, so why kill the principle itself? The group claims because of the abuse of power, but aren’t we all in the end in need of control? Where’s the line between control and abuse?

All I can think of is technology as a tool for the betterment of society. It may sound naive but in a connected world like never before seen, anything is possible.

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