New Metrics, New Social Strata

It has already been described in dozens of books and reviews. Daniel Pink made sure to exercise the disruptive hemisphere of the brain with more than just a single book, and the world has now seen it make a huge difference in our society. Even though we are still under the capitalist model, social strata have begun to morph into more than just financial divisions and capabilities. There is now a new scale: creativity.

Employment may appear to have moved overseas, away from “the developed world”, leaving the West with unemployment rates. What is also true is that it’s not about the numbers, but rather the types of jobs that have remained. More intellectually capable, creativity based and psychological capabilities have remained. So much so, that the # 1 buzz word on LinkedIn profile descriptions is: Creativity.

The traditional model has passed away. Perhaps people still mourn the “good old days”, but this does not mean that it is the beginning of the end (or the total end for that matter); this means that the metamorphosis of the mind has finally begun to take place.

New things can be born out of this new structure. Even metrics have changed. A year ago, tech conoceurs would not have even guessed what TPS meant. It means “Tweets per Second”, and it is a record now held by a Japanese film with a total of 25,088 TPS.

A networked society, as described on the previous post, is now capable of going beyond the physical reality into an informed, educated, creative, holistic environment. So I ask, why if there are a zillion more possibilities with these new models, are people still mourning for the good old days? Don’t look back, rather look forward and see what you are missing.

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