Global Start Up Fever

It’s been a while since Silicon Valley was the sole holder of the term “start up”. Every day more and more, the initiative is spreading across the globe, not only because it’s a catchy and trendy phrase, but because it has high impact results both locally and globally. Each country seems to have a concerned community of technological entrepreneurs that wish to make a difference, and yes… make money in the process (it is a business after all).

But more than just a small company, start ups are the new working scheme under which thousands of people prefer to work in. Why? Simply because start ups have come to redefine the workspace as a more humanitarian, social space to be in. The old model shows us that we are all set to have a set schedule (one that is almost a sin to break), a defined mechanical job, a cubicle, and no interaction with the outside world.

The new model, or the start up model, is one in which the workspace is more than just that, it’s a recreational spot. Studies have found that the mind can be much more productive when it feels happy, relaxed and interactive than if it just “thinks” for 8 straight hours with no way to blow steam off. Most start ups have the following within their compound:

  • Ping Pong table
  • TV with video games or DVD player
  • Walls that become white boards (get the idea out there)
  • No cubicles, only open work spaces
  • Fridges filled with goodies (the mind needs to be refreshed)

Those are the basic perks. But don’t get it wrong. This is not a little kid’s dream (although it might be at some point), it is the little details like these that make employees happy to get up every day to go to work and be productive. Why keep the same square model as before? Even high management would appreciate jolly employees.

As mentioned, this model is being adopted around the world. In Mexico for example, in the city of Guadalajara, events that encourage this type of business model are always present, like today’s iTuesday. An event in which entrepreneurs (local and global) gather around to talk business and discover new opportunities. Get out there and be happy to have a productive, interactive workplace instead of sitting down all day wanting to go home.

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