Learning How to Code

There are several multimillion dollar industries around the world. Some more respectable than others of course. Technology and software development is one of them (the respectable ones that is). In fact, so many people from other fields have turned to look at software development because of its massive growth.

Of course every major company, whether it’s directly involved with software or not, is looking for programmers every day. You’d be amazed at the great shortage of programmers and software developers there is in this city alone. Not to mention Silicon Valley; filled with HR bilboards trying to convince Stanford students and other qualified talent to join the different companies in the Bay Area.

So, what to do if there’s great demand but low offer? Instead of depending on other people to be qualified in time and on top of that, choose you as their workplace, people are starting to learn how to code on their own. Of course it can’t be done overnight, nor can the learning process be as complete and thorough as in college. It’s a matter of picking your battles. Entrepreneurs and other non-engineer people are choosing the programming language of their preference (or rather convenience) and have started teaching themselves to do it.


But just how can one teach oneself how to program in a very technical language, from scratch? Take it from me, it’s no easy task. However, there are two very good ways to do it (both of which I’ve done): take a qualified online course, like the one offered by CodecademyΒ or ask someone who is already majored in software development or programming to teach you step by step.

Like anything new, you have to practice and practice for it to become an excellent skill. You could almost build your own basic version of software, or a website, or an app. However, keep in mind you will always need to have an expert by your side.

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  1. Let me love your post! πŸ™‚
    Rather than chosing a programming language, I would say that… it’s more important to pick a role (designer, back-end programmer, architect, tester, etc.) and join a team. You can’t simply learn to do everything that is required to do remarkable software, you need people and like you said an expert by your side.

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