Out of Stock: iPad Mini & iPhone 5

iPad Mini
iPad Mini

It seems it is an entirely new era for Apple. Even if the world hadn’t learned about Steve Jobs’ passing away and Tim Cook taking over the direction of the company, one need only take a look at the latest developments chez-Apple to notice things have definitely taken a new direction.

First off, the iPhone 5 has taken heavy criticism. Even though people stood in line for hours outside Apple stores around the world to get their hands on the new iPhone, many have also felt there hasn’t been true innovation in the latest iPhone model. Other than it being slimmer, lighter and of course taller, there are other things that haven’t really changed. To be fair, the new aluminum model maintains the innovative model, and an easy grip.

The real annoyance was with the new Apple Maps application. Routes, streets and general addresses are inaccurate and practically unusable.  I have personally tried to use them several times, and there’s an even number between failure and success to find my way thanks to the app. Tim Cook had to publicly apologize to all users, saying that in truth, the new Maps app has fallen short from high expectations. Samsung of course took huge advantage in this flaw to start campaigns like “With Samsung, you know where you’re going”

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

What does really come as something new, is the iPad Mini. When Jobs was still around, he often refused the idea to come up with a smaller iPad model, mainly because he did not want to “go down” a level and compete directly with the Kindle Fire. Still, interestingly enough, after Tim Cook announced the new tablet, there was mention that Jobs was “reconsidering” his statement days before he passed away.

However, the iPad Mini is much more affordable, and even though it is not equipped with retina display, a great number of users are extremely satisfied with the mini tablet. Online sells have run out of stock [fortunately I could get one of the last online purchases of the iPad Mini myself – does it show that I’m an Apple lover?]. To play devil’s advocate, nothing can be perfect forever. There are bound to be flaws, even from the greatest companies in the world.

Both products have run out of stock mostly as soon as they are released in different parts of the world. Not to mention the never-ending lines outside retailers. If you ask me, the video shown at the Keynote by Cook on the new opening of an Apple Store in Barcelona was a tad much, even tacky if you will.

Just to sum it up, as they say “God – or the devil? – is in the details”, as is Tim Cook or Steve Jobs once upon a time. Can you tell the difference yourself?


3 Replies to “Out of Stock: iPad Mini & iPhone 5”

  1. while its true that the iPhone could use some changes to follow their path of leader or flagship phone, i must say its absolutely gorgeous.

    Maybe iOS 6 need some revamps but really i’ve never seen a phone so classy. its quite amazing to hold it side to side with my iphone 4 and well.. it now looks old and fat to me haha.

    The key to apple’s future is actually on the re-imagination of iOS. And it has to be ready by the 7th iteration or people will start looking for new stuff rather than the “familiar look” iphone has given us for about 6 years.

    What i find interesting is that the company just laid-off Scott Forstall the chief of the iOS development so is almost sure that ios 7 will take that much needed refreshment

  2. I agree on the innovative part. The familiar look gives us a save heaven for those of who like Apple products. That in a way might be a disadvantage against Android’s every growing hardware partners. Perhaps an entirely different model to replace this one? Or may be even start diversification?

  3. i think the key for apple ecosystem is to avoid at any cost diversification. *that’s why im not a big fan of the ipad mini*
    Why? because its a pain to develop for a platform with fragmentation *like android and its infinite list of devices*

    I’m pretty sure they’re coming with a complete make over for ios 7 and probably they will make some really big hardware changes just for the sake of novelty.

    we’ll have to wait at least 18 months to find out :p since iphone 5s will probably be the already known upgrade/fix for the 5 :p

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